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2012 Annual Council of the Korean Union Conference
December 17, 2012

On two beautiful autumn days, November 12 and 13, Pastor Kim, Dae Sung, President of the Korean Union Conference(KUC), released the business plan for the KUC for the upcoming year.

The KUC will baptize 7,000 people, pioneer nine churches, and take in 63 billion won in tithe during the next year.

Pastor Kim,Dae Sung, President of the KUC, emphasized that “our biggest task of the year is to lay the groundwork for the children and youth programs. I hope that all institutions and churches in Korea changeover to a mission centered system.”

He also said,“We have to prevent the loss of members from our churches and develop an effective way to take care of the new-born Christians in our churches.”

Dr. Lee, Jairyong, President of the Northern Asia Pacific Division (NSD), expressed his gratitude for the effort of the church leaders in the Korean territory. He also emphasized the importance of spiritual revival in this last generation, saying that,“We cannot bear fruit without a spiritual revival because all God’s work is comprised of spiritual things. We must always be in a state of spiritual revival.”

The KUC has emphasized it by setting 2012 as "The Year of Mission Vitalization”. They have produced and distributed mission materials which have various levels such as evangelism training, disciples training, and so on.

Mean while, the KUC has also been publishing a popular edition of the “Great Controversy” and distributing them on demand for fund-raising. Distributing the“Great Controversy” is part of a movement in the Adventist church the world over.The KUC will follow the Great Controversy Project consistently by producing three million abridged editions, and fifty thousand complete editions.