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The ‘Love Church’ for Homeless People
December 27, 2012

The “Love Church” was specially made for homeless people by the Minlak Church in Uijeongbu. Here is the background on the beginning of this special church. Four years ago, there were two people visiting the Minlak church, who seemed to be homeless. They were dirty, and had not washed themselves in a very long time. They gave off the smell of booze, and the air around them was impregnated with filthy odors.

At first, nobody would approach them, and no one had the heart to show their love to these poor people. The church members felt very uncomfortable sitting with them, so they sat apart from these two people during worship. But this attitude did not come from Jesus. They should have changed their mind. They were confused between the Bible verse, “love your neighbor as yourself” and who they met in the real world.

But now, it has totally changed. They understand, love, and care about each other. There have been 17 baptisms through the “Love Church” this year, as well as 20 baptisms last year, and 22 baptisms the year before that. They say that, “The cause for this great fruition is the message from God, and the love of the church members.”

They became sisters, brothers or friends as the members listen to the people’s life stories, and help them in practical ways.

The church members also recommended the people for jobs, and studied “Faith for Today” with them. Little by little, their lives have slowly changed. The more they study the Bible with the pastor, the more they want to receive baptism and become sincere Christians. They brought their friends to the church, which caused the joyful news to travel from mouth-to-mouth. Now the number of people at the ‘’Love Church” is about 54. Among them, some have decided to put the past behind them, and start anew. Isn’t that marvelous?!

The purpose of the “Love Church” is more than giving out food and clothes. ‘Faith and Education’ is their true purpose because we can survive only through God’s guidance. This purpose also helps them to be a new man in our society.

Elder Lee, Young Hwa, who is in charge of the “Love Church,” manages it every week. He writes down their name, one-by-one, and graphs their church attendance in his notes personally. He takes pictures of them and records the full details of all events, contributions, the contents of their education, consultations, and each of the current state of savings, and so on. His concern and love for them is the chief element of success in the homeless evangelism, and that is why the people follow and respect Elder Lee.

He said that he was quite a success in the marketing world once, but before long he went out of business. His own difficult experiences help him to be able to understand, and help these people in their failures and despair. He confesses that, “When I was in despair, I just read the ‘Desire of Hope,’ and finally, I would leave that terrible state.” Now he is telling the people in the “Love Church” that, “We will help you, without any reward for ourselves, through love and prayer. Stand up by His grace and feel the love of Jesus Christ. Our existence is precious to Jesus!”