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Hong Kong and Macau School’s Accreditation Visit
January 02, 2013

A new school in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Adventist Academy (HKAA) and the Macau Sam Yuk Middle Schoolwere visited by two professional teamsfrom the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities (AAA) rom December 9-11 and December 12-14, 2012, respectively.The teams sent by the NSD Board of Education (NSDBOE)and the NSD Commission on Accreditationstudied the self-study documents before making theiron-site visits to evaluate these two schools.

HKAA grew out of the Hong Kong Adventist International Academy, which was granted candidacy status in 2008, when the Sam Yuk Middle School in Clear Water Bay was closing.  However, the school was denied international school status by the government.  It was then operating under the same license of the Hong Kong Adventist College (HKAC), which was allowed to operate Form 4 to 7 (Grade 10-12) classes.  Nevertheless the Education Bureau of Hong Kong suggested that the school could be licensed as an English-medium school. Hence, on March 15, Hong Kong Adventist Academy was granted permissionto operate as a secondary school with its own license.

The evaluation team who visited Macao Sam Yuk Middle School (MSYMS), located on an offshore island, Taipa, reported marked progress made by the school in comparison to the last visit. Many of the facilities and equipment have been upgraded.  It now has a soccer field, volley ball court, tennis court and a hall where students can play indoor games such as table tennis.  These facilities, while located on the MSYMS campus, are shared with the public since the government built them. The school has also been successful in encouraging students to aim higher.

The administration and faculty are passionate about providing the best education for students in spite of the fact that many students come here seeking a second chance. Before, many MSYMS students graduate and leave to eke out a living working at the casinos rather than consider further education, but the school now sees more of their graduates seeking a university education after they leave.

The new administrator has set a vision to make MSYMS a school of choice for students seeking an Adventist education. His plan is to build up the physical plant as one of the top-notch facilities and also to attract the best Adventist Christian teachers with a mission for the young.