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1000 Missionary Movement 20th Anniversary
January 02, 2013

I thank God who has been guiding the 1000 Missionary Movement (1000MM) this last year through hardships and great challenges. As you know, the year 2013 is a special year for the 1000MM for it will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

I thank God for guiding the sponsors as well as everyone who hasbeen working in their respective mission fields as missionaries, through His holy presence. I would also like to thank Him for guiding all the past directors, associate directors, administrators, all the youth department directors, and sponsors who have helped this work become possible.

During this 20th anniversary year, all the workers of the 1000MM main campus and its branches, the 500 missionaries who are in the mission fields, and about 7,000 senior missionaries, together with their sponsors, will pour all their energy into another challenge of mission through God's Word and encouragement.

2. Overall Report

• Missionaries in the Field in 2012: 550 (including the branches)

• Short Term Missionaries 1993-2012: 3,793

• Churches Constructed 1993-2012: 741

• New Congregations Established 1993-2012: 1,323

• Baptisms 1993-2012: 60,546

3. Preparation for the 20th Anniversary

 1) Outline

  ① When: February 1-3. 2013

  ② Where: 1000 Missionary Movement Main Campus

 2) Meaning

  ① It is not just a passing event but a process toward a new purpose.

  ② It is a challenge for the succession of the past 20 years and development for the future.

  ③ It is a transition from campus centered to mission field centered.

  ④ It is a powersending 1000 missionaries a year as the main goal of the 1000 Missionary Movement.

 3) Symbols

 (1) 10 “1,000’s”

  ① 1,000 Sponsors: We need 1,000 sponsors or support groupsin order to send out 1,000 missionaries a year. To activate this work, we need to organize a society for the support of the missionaries first.

  ② 1,000 Korean Applicants: Of course, 1,000 missionaries a year does not mean only Korean missionaries. However, Korean applicants should continue to apply to be one of the 1,000 missionaries to extend the mission spirit.

  ③ 1,000 Missionaries from Mindanao: The most active and passionate conference in the Philippines is Mindanao, which is in the southern part of the country. 920 missionaries have come from Mindanao over the last 20 years and the number will reach 1,000 before 2014.

  ④ 1,000 Testimonies: We hope to receive 1,000 testimonies from our missionaries about their experiences in the mission fields.

  ⑤ 1,000 Prayers and Answersto Prayer: We want to share the prayer requests from the mission field where 'going missionaries' and 'sending missionaries' are working.

  ⑥ 1,000 E-mails Encouraging the 1000MM Missionaries: Korean churches and brethren can write encouraging letters to our missionaries.

  ⑦ 1,000 Messages of Congratulations: We want to receive 1,000 messages of congratulations together with the letters of encouragement for the missionaries.

  ⑧ 1,000 Baptisms (39thBatch): We pray for the missionaries who are working in their mission field to have 1,000 baptisms.

  ⑨ 1,000 Bible Donations: This is a movement to send 1,000 Bibles to the mission field. This is going on now.

  ⑩ 1,000 Items of Mission: We secure 1,000 items(photos, books or documents) to put in the 1000MMMissionary memorial building.

 (2) 5 “20’s”

  ① 20 Branches or Sub-branches:The 1000MM main campus’ (Philippines) 12 branches (which is symbolic),will send 1,000 missionaries in a year to places where we cannot establish a branch because of religious or administrative reasons,and need sub-branch training or management.

  ② 20 ChurchesDeveloped, Remodeled or Constructed:Current missionaries will make 20 congregations or will build churches with the help of other developed churches and conference.

  ③ 20 Crusades: We will open 20 crusades in all areas of the mission field.

  ④ 20 People Whom We Give Thanks To: We will show appreciationto 20 chosen people who have contributed to the history of the 1000MM.

  ⑤ 20 Books or Commemorative Publications: We will publish 20 kinds of books: testimonial, song, thesis, missionary handbooks, picture, history, Filipino missionaries' testimonies, calendars, etc.

 4) 1000MM Missionary Memorial Building

  ① Place: Old Maranatha and Media building which is between the chapel and the Administration building.

  ② Scale: 185.3㎡ = 10.9m × 17m

  ③ Purpose: past - safekeeping(history building); present-public relations (pavilion); future – vision(1000MM branch building)

  ④ Budget: $50,000

 5) Contents of Program

  ① Friday evening Vespers, 7:00-8:00pm: past

  ② Sabbath School and Divine Worship: present 

    Sabbath School: 

    8:30-9:30am-video, branch, mission field, abroad, crusades, church building, construction

    9:30-10:30am- lesson study and tree planting for the 20th anniversary (by batches, by conferences, by branches)

    Divine Worship

    10:30-11:30am - Divine Worship: future



    11:30am-12:00pm- Dedication ceremony for 1000MM Missionary Memorial Building

  ③ After the program-lunch and friendship/bonding time

  ④ Celebration program and graduation of 39th batch: 3:00-4:30pm



  ⑤ Saturday evening

    -branch report

    -Festival: by batches, branches, mission fields

  ⑥ Sunday

    -Sports day(1000MM Day): by batches

    -Closing Ceremony

Article by 1000MM Director, Pr. Park, KwangSoo