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Griggs University (Asia), an extreme school of higher learning
January 21, 2013

 In such an extreme time, an extreme God used an extreme way to set up this extreme university – Griggs University (Asia).

 Here is a list of reasons that make us extreme:

1.Extremely busy students – Most of our students are full-time ministers who have to juggle between work and study;

2.Extremely different by age – Some of our students are grandpas and grandmas while some younger ones have the same age as their grandchildren.

3.Extremely different by background – Our faculties come from different parts of the world and present the same truth from different perspectives.

4.Extremely flexible in time and methods – Because we offer classes from a long distance away, students can choose their own time and methods to listen to lectures and to turn in their homework.

5.Extreme in origin of places – Our students come from all over China and they

overcome distances to prepare themselves for ministries in unity.

6.Extremely humble teachers and students – Some teachers are much younger than their students. They humbly learn from one another.

7.Extremely popular language – We use Mandarin Chinese as our instruction language, a language spoken by the biggest population in the world.

8.Extremely efficient – We put many lectures on multimedia. You can watch the

lectures can be on TV or computers from your living room. In this way, we save

lots of budget on travel cost.

9.Extremely generous donors and supporters – many faithful donors give to our ministry in order for this extreme school to continue to serve God’s children in the years to come.

10.Extremely blessed by God – Our ability is limited but God blesses us. Our goal is to train 6,000 ministers and volunteer missionaries. In the future, we’ll have a full-time school.