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Blossoms of Chinese Evangelism in the Northern Thailand
January 30, 2013

At the conclusion of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, some remnants of the anti-communist Kuomintang (KMT) forces, which compelled to withdraw from China, refused to surrender, including the 93rd Division. They lived nomadic lives in Burma's jungles before seeking asylum in Mae Salong, the northern part of Thailand.  In 1980s, KMT forces fought for Thailand, helping to counter the communist insurgency at the Thai frontier.  In reward, the Thai government granted citizenship to most of the KMT soldiers and their families.  Today, their 3rd descendant and migrants from Yunnan Province live in Mae Salong, north Thailand.

Mae Salong firstly was once famous for planting poppies, it has now replaced by growing tea and relate to tea industry.  Tourism is the main source of economy.  Meanwhile, the following is the population of religion: Buddhist: 90%; Muslim: 4%; Christian: 1%.

Two years ago, CHUM had sent two CPMM (Chinese Pioneer Missionary Movement) for launching Chinese evangelism because they had a vision of immense prospect of evangelistic development.

The love and enthusiasm of Christ are at CPMM disposal.  They primarily taught Chinese and Bible in the school, and students are inspired by their teaching.  However, their work of evangelism was opposed.  Since CPMM understood enormous need of the community, they began to act virtues by visiting elderly and nurturing children. 

Villagers were influenced by the love of Christ they revealed, and earnestly expected them to establish a school, so they run a kindergarten and began a tutorial class that main lessons were Chinese, Bible and Hymns.  They consumed all subsidies for preparation of lunch and dinner, and also get students who lived in remote area in the morning and after school everyday.

They have 70 students until now.  19 of them converts to Christianity and are being baptized.  Parents and former soldiers are targets of visitation, so that they can experience tender care of CPMM and receive gospel.  Soldier devotes their lives and blood for survival, while CPMM dedicate their diligence and prayer to manifesting the love of Christ for prosperity of evangelism.

CPMM have a plan of building a boarding school in the future, so that students enjoy comfortable and safety environment of learning, especially for nurture of church successor.

CPMM need much resources and subsidies to run the kindergarten because of deficiency in essential facilities and labor source.  In addition, they are enthusiastic about gospel work in Mae Salong, and decide to stay one more year for missionary service.  May they do all this through God who gives them strength.

 By Michael Mok & Elia Tong