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School Evaluations in Korean Union Conference
January 30, 2013

Seohae Sahmyook Middle and High School and Youngnam Sahmyook Middle and High School were evaluated by 2 teams sent by the Northern Asia-Pacific Division Commission on Accreditation (NSDCA) on November 25-27, 2012 and November 27-29, 2012, respectively.  The NSDCA is authorized by the Adventist Accrediting Association of the Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities (AAA) of the General Conference to have oversight over all the high schools within the Division territories that the standards and mission comply with the goals, standards and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist world-church.

These two teams spent two full days each, interviewing the administration, teachers and students as a group and individually, listen to the report from the principals, tour the campuses, visit classes and observe special classes, look over the documents such as students reports, teachers’ and students’ publications, bulletins, financial statements, and a host of other printed and electronic materials.  One period was given to the students and teachers to make a special musical and drama presentations on their award winning performances for the team members to see. 

They were indeed special treats.  Further, these presentations provided the insight on not only the talents that abound in the schools, but the part fulfillment of what an Adventist Sam Yuk education is all about—physical, mental and spiritual development—the education of a whole person and a service to the world and a greater joy service of the world to come.

Commendations and recommendations were written and shared with the teachers and board members at the time of two exit reports.  The final recommendations for the accreditation of the 2 schools will be sent to the AAA the final approval after the NSDCA has approved the reports.  Although it was a grueling 2 days each for each school, the team members have felt that the schools have indeed made marked improvements in comparison to the last accreditation visits. 

The administration of Seohae was determined to improve the spiritual and prayer lives of its faculty and families so as to fulfill the mission of the school that it sent them to attend the Adventist Training Center.  However, it was close to the time where the final year students were about to take their entrance to the universities that the parents were rather unhappy.  However, the Lord blessed the school because 22 of the students were selected to enter the universities even without taking the examinations.  Such an anecdotal report was indeed encouraging to the entire school and even to the evaluators who listened to such a story.

There may be challenges, but the schools are aware and have made preparation so as not to lose sight of the mission of their reasons for existence as Seventh-day Adventist schools.