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Distance Learning Center Program Aimed to Foster Competency
February 12, 2013

At the onset of 2013, Mongolia Mission Field, in coordination with the Northern Asia-Pacific Division launched the Distance Learning Center (DLC) Program in Mongolia courtesy of Adventist International Institute on Advanced Studies (AIIAS) that is situated in Silang, Cavite, Philippines. The purpose of which is to provide the local pastors and church leaders an avenue for upgrading that will augment their academic learning and technical competencies on ministerial works. The program will hold classes once every quarter for a five year run.

The first session started on January 14-30, 2013, with Dr. Youngsoo Chung, AIIAS Professor on Applied Theology, giving lecture on the course of 'Biblical Foundation of Leadership' at MMF's headquarter.

Objectives of the course are to provide the thirty two enrollees coming from the capital city and the countryside, to gain the foundational understandings, principles, and approaches of biblical leadership; to identify the essential characteristics, qualities and requirements of Christian leaders; to appreciate various biblical models of leadership and leadership activities; and lastly, to develop the urgent need for missional leaders working on a regional, national and global level.

The implementation of the DLC Program is one of the keys to attain the goal of MMF for the next quinquennium to promote a strong ministerial development plan that will train and develop the Pastors to have high spiritual, emotional and intellectual standards. As Ellen White says in her book Pastoral Ministry, “the cause of God calls for all-round men, who can devise, plan, build up, and organize. And those who appreciate the probabilities and possibilities of the work for this time will seek by earnest study to obtain all the knowledge they can from the Word, to use in ministering to needy, sin-sick souls”.