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The 5th Bible Reading Camp of the Korean Adventist Youth
February 12, 2013

Two hundreds of Adventist Youth had meaningfully started their new year at Adventist Training Center, Korea in January, 7-12. The Youth who are the future and the hope of Korean Adventist church participated in the 5th Nation-wide Bible reading Camp.

They said that the camp started with their eagerness to follow and to love the Word of God. Through This event, they read Bible from cover to cover and were able to find themselves relying on God who gives the wisdom, love and strength.

Pastor Choi, Ho Young, Director of Korea Union Conference Youth Department, had broadened and deepened their understanding of Bible, by giving essential 18 lectures based on the promised love of faithful God throughout the Bible.

Although they had tight schedules every single day, but this Bible reading camp allowed them to love the Words of God more by attending lectures, reading Bible, small group activities and their own testimonies of their life. They decided to be sincere servants of God as in their golden time of life.