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Taiwan Dali Church Youth hold an Evangelistic Meeting in Korea
February 18, 2013

During the winter, from January 31 to February 6, 2013, the youth members of the Dali Church in Taiwan took a trip to Jeongseon, Korea to hold evangelistic meetings. The group from Dali was composed of 13 young people who had been baptized by Pioneer Missionary Movement (PMM) missionaries (except for one person). They were people to be cared for by the missionaries and became missionaries themselves. Before this evangelistic meeting, they had received missionary training from the PMM pastors.

These Evangelistic meetings had special meaning to Pastor WoonSung Choi of the Jeongseon Church because he was one of the first PMM missionaries to Taiwan. He was so glad to seethe young people from Taiwan again.

Through this event, the missionaries also learned some evangelistic skills and were able to be experience the joy of serving others when they taught the children and other non-believers. This was the greatest reward of this trip.

This evangelistic meeting consisted of two parts.

One was for the children who were eager to learn English. ‘English Bible School’ is the core outreach program of the Jeongseon Church. They lead souls to God through this meaningful ministry. The other part of the meetings was for adults in the evening.

During the meetings, about thirty children and students attended the programs. They learned the language and culture of Taiwan, and the Bible stories. They communicated with new friends, and had time together exploring a cave, campfire, doing performances, and much more. They were able to participate various unique programs.

Every evening, Pastor S. J. Byun, Assistant Director of Communication of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, preached the message under the title of “From Darkness to the Light.” Pastor Byun daily shared the love of Jesus for mankind under small topics such as – “Better Home”, “The Earth’s Final Crisis”, and “A New Life.”

On the last day of the evangelistic meetings, there was a special baptismal ceremony. The baptismal candidate was Sumin Lim. He was the only person who had not received baptism among the missionaries from Taiwan.

He confessed that he had not believed in God for years but he was touched by his mother’s sincere prayer, and through this evangelical meeting. He expressed that this evangelistic meeting was his great delight. He was one of interpreters for the meetings, and through this service, he responded to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

This evangelistic meeting in Jeongseon Church meant a lot to the all participants. Young people who did not believe in God had now become overseas missionaries. Now, they lead souls to Jesus. It is such a great blessing of God.