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Hishands Training in Taiwan
February 18, 2013

On January 25-27, 2013, there was a beautiful Hishands training class and dedication service in Hopping, Taiwan. This event was planned and executed through the united effort of the Shungqi Church and the Pingtung Jiayi Church.

It was the first time to have a Hishands Missionary training in Taiwan since the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) had brought the Taiwan Conference under its immediate control. Liu, Shao-Zhu who is the Hishands Coordinator in Taiwan, spoke of his aspirations, saying, “Taking this opportunity, we will consider and decide five models for the Hishands Mission Movement so that we can plan to focus its support on these churches. Finally it will be expanded throughout the whole country.”

A total of 50 missionaries had participated in the Tutorial Utilization class, lecture, practicing visiting door-to-door, testimony, and an all devotional service to be a true missionary with the light of the Holy Spirit in this new dark era. Thirty-five missionaries were from the Shungqi Church and 15 from the Pingtung Jiayi Church.

The main speaker of this lecture was Pr. Suk Hee Han, Hishands Coordinator of the NSD. He emphasized that “Jesus ordered us to go with our brothers and sisters, and preach the Word of God. We will have great success in evangelism if we obey God’s guidance and prepare with open arms the Message. In terms of evangelism, the Hishands Mission Movement is the best way to be a true servant of God because it uses the example of Jesus and Jesus’ suggestion for us. You will surely feel rewarded when you pray and visit with your neighbors with a faithful heart.”

Pr. Huang, Zhi-Hui, who is responsible for all of the mission work, gave his impressions of this event. He said, “This is a village in the mountains and there are only 1,500 people residing here. However, I decided to make this area filled with the mission spirit and evangelical fervor. To realize the dream above, I recommend to you that we do this great movement together. We can do all things through Him who gives us strength.”

It was definitely a worthwhile program. The participants had a meaningful time together, and the mission spirit was heated up by their passion for Christ. There are great expectations for the performance of the missionaries of the Taiwan Hishands Mission Movement.