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The 1000 Missionary Movement Magnificently Celebrated Its 20th Anniversary
February 19, 2013

There was a grand worship of gratitude and commemoration for the 20th anniversary of the 1000 Missionary Movement (1000MM) under the theme of “Rekindling the Mission: Here Am I, Send Me” at the 1000MM Campus on February 2, 2013. The 1000MM is a cradle for the Adventist young people who are like a furnace burning with a passion and dedication for God’s work.

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About 700 participants attended, including the following leaders: Elder Armando Miranda, General Conference (GC) Vice President; Presidents from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD), and the Korean Union Conference (KUC); the NSD Pioneer Mission Movement Director; the NSD Youth Director; the NSD Communication Director; Executive Secretaries from East Central Korean Conference (ECKC) and West Central Korean Conference (WCKC); KUC Youth Director; Indonesia Branch Director; India Branch Director; the 39th Group of the 1000MM missionaries who have just come back from their mission fields; the 41st Group of the 1000 MM missionaries who are training now, and the 1000MM alumni and supporters. It was a very meaningful time to newly devote and dedicate themselves to mission work.

Word of Encouragement from Dr. Jairyong Lee, NSD President 

Dr. Jairyong Lee, who founded the 1000 Missionary Movement, under the banner of “The Greatest Challenge of the Century” in 1993, spoke at the opening ceremony. He gave thanks and praises to the Lord for countless miracles and tremendous results based on the spirit of “Mission First” for the last 20 years in spite of many challenges and difficulties. He shared his appreciation for the support and cooperation of the General Conference, Northern and Southern Asia-Pacific Divisions, Korean Union Conference, and the three Unions in the Philippines. He was also grateful to past 1000MM directors, to all the missionaries for their efforts and sacrificial service, and to the supporters for their donations and prayer support.

Talking about the purpose of this movement, its history and vision for the future, he said, “This is the movement which will deliver the gospel to the ends of the world as Jesus commanded. I hope this movement can be developed more and more, so that it helps Adventist young people stand firm on faith and have a passion for mission. The Adventist message will then be preached all over the world through their devotion, and many people will be saved.”

Dedication Ceremony of the 1000MM Missionary Memorial Building

The dedication ceremony of the 1000MM Missionary Memorial Building was held after the opening ceremony. The memorial building shows the past, present, and future of the 1000 Missionary Movement. The construction of the building began on October 12, 2012, and was built on the site of two small buildings which were the offices of the Maranatha magazine and Media Center.

Introducing his childhood memories and experiences with his parents, Elder Ken Osborn, NSD Treasurer, said “The purpose of the missionary memorial building is to remember its history; to give thanks to God for His guidance, to transmit missionary experiences and impressions to the next generation, and to remind us of the mission God has given to us.”

517 items are on display including pictures of past directors and missionaries, Korean-English Maranatha magazines, articles from the mission fields such as a hat, bow, knife, shoes, a Bible in another language, and a Bible transcribed by missionaries.

Let the Mission Spirit of 1000 Missionaries Flow Through All Attendees’ Veins

Praises and testimonies from missionaries touched the participant’s hearts in every program. Especially the testimonies of the senior missionaries gave great strength to the 41st Group of missionaries who are in training. Pastor NakHyung Kim, NSD Youth Director, encouraged the missionaries at a morning devotional. “Whenever I visited the 1000MM mission fields, I experienced an irresistible impression. The sacrificial dedication of the missionaries will serve as a foundation of their faith, and the Adventist church will grow more and more healthy.”

Pastor SukHee Han, NSD Communication Director, introduced some entries from his diary that he wrote during his service as a missionary in the first group of the 1000MM. “I praise the Lord who has trust in me, who walks with me, who helps me accomplish the mission to the last, even though I was weak, inexperienced, and immature. I hope the spirit of the 1000MM missionary which is “Once a Missionary, Always a Missionary” will course through all the attendees’ veins.”

Encouragement from Elder Miranda, GC Vice President: It Was Very Exciting and Very Touching to Meet the 1000MM Missionaries

Also during the celebration, plagues of appreciation were presented to many people including Pastor ChangSoo Chung, who sent his three children, OnYoo, YeRim, and SeungYoon, to join this movement. Pastor Chung said, “The 1000MM was an opportunity for my children to meet God in the mission field. I hope they will be lasting missionaries even after they finish their 1000MM service.” Pastor DaeSung Kim, KUC President, emphasized that the purpose of God’s calling to preach the gospel is to build a Christ-like character in us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

There was also a graduation service for the 39th Group of missionaries. Elder Armando Miranda, GC Vice President, encouraged the missionaries to positively participate in preaching the gospel with a willing and thankful heart. He said, “It was very exciting and very touching to meet the 1000MM missionaries”.

At the celebration it was good to see the flags of each group displayed. During the alumni gathering, the senior missionaries got together under their own flag to greet, encourage and pray together.

At the closing ceremony, Pastor SiYoung Kim, the second director of the 1000MM, asked missionaries not to forget that God is with the 1000MM missionaries and led a time of dedication to be born again as a missionary. The event was closed with a commemorative planting.

History and Thanks

When the 1000MM was first initiated, there were many difficulties such as finances and training environments, to dispatch the first group of missionaries. There were no places to train at or to even accommodate missionaries. Ms. InShil Lee, part of the first group of missionaries, remembered 1993 and said, “There was not enough of anything at that time, but the campus and training environment is really great now.”

As the campus was founded and necessary facilities were built one by one, the 1000MM have trained and sent out missionaries twice a year. To date, 6,036 missionaries have graduated from the main campus in the Philippines, as well as 1,152 missionaries from Korea.

In the past, the 1000MM has sent missionaries to parts of the Philippines, but as 13 branches were organized, missionaries have been sent to 58 different countries including Taiwan, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Burma, Israel, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Guam. As a result of their service, 747 churches were constructed, and 61,108 people were baptized. Even at the moment this article is being read, there might be newly baptized people in an unknown mission field.

To Rekindle the Mission with the Mission Spirit

The theme of the 20th Anniversary celebration was ”Rekindling the Mission: Here Am I, Send Me.” It means to be workers of the Lord by rekindling our mission spirit. Pastor KwangSoo Park, 1000MM Director, emphasized that we need to go back to the basics to rekindle ourselves. He said, “In celebration of the 20th anniversary, the 1000MM requires more power to make a new leap forward. Let us send more missionaries. Sending 1,000 missionaries is not to merely fill up the number. It is an opportunity to ascertain the value of the 1000MM and to have a real experience with God.”

We are sending out missionaries, and supporting those going out as missionaries through prayer and sponsorship, in order for them to preach the gospel to the ends of the world so the day of the Second Coming of the Lord will be hastened.

SukHee Han, NSD Communication Director