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2013 Golden Angels 10th Group
February 27, 2013

  On the very first day of the year 2013, Golden Angels 10th Group began their music ministry for the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), just as it has been in past years with previous Golden Angels groups. By the grace of God, eight precious young music missionaries from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, have started their dedication humbly but with a passion for mission. They have committed one year of their life to being a music missionary, delivering the message of the Three Angels.

  The group needs to be trained for a whole year, but a major part of their training is in January and February before their first mission trip, which is usually in March. The Golden Angels’ training program includes many different kinds of music practice and spiritual training for the music ministry. The program has many parts such as vocal skills, recording practice, missionary spirit and life, culture and background of the mission fields, Bible teaching, using audio systems, and so on. During the training program, early every morning they have a special prayer meeting for their spiritual revival together.

  The Golden Angels 10th Group is planning various mission trips and activities for spreading the Gospel. They will have mission trips to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Unorganized Territory (UT), Japan, and Korea. The 10th Group of the Golden Angels will conduct evangelistic meetings 12 times for Pioneer Missionary Movement (PMM) churches in different countries in the NSD territories. They are going to visit schools, camp meetings, and local churches with their inspiring music. Also, the Group will join in the Tokyo13 Project to help support the Japan Mission. A special performance will be from August 28-31, 2013, when the 10th Group will join in the NSD International Mission Congress where they are going to praise the Lord with the participants. 

  During this year, the 10th Group of Golden Angels knows that they need to serve the Lord with a tight mission schedule but they also believe being the 10th Group itself is meaningful and significant. To sing a new song (Psalms 98:1) with a new heart and soul, the 10th Group of Golden Angels missionaries practices to die daily, to empty their cups, and to be filled with God’s new spirit every moment. They will never stop praising the Lord until the end of their ministry this year. They love to sing a new song from the depth of their hearts.