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The third run of the Communication & Leadership Advancement Program
March 18, 2013

The third run of the Communication & Leadership Advancement Program (CLAP) began its first day of activities on Monday, March 11 on the beautiful campus of the Asia-Pacific International University (AIU) in Muak Lek, Thailand.

All 33 participants are eager and ready to learn leadership and English. Our curriculum consultant, Mrs Erica Hole, who came all the way from Newbold College in England to teach the English classes personally believes that this will be another successful run of CLAP. Assisting her is Mrs Leonore Carado, an English teacher from the Philippines who have been helping us since the last run.

Participants have come from Korea, China, Mongolia, Japan and Taiwan.  Most of the participants are church pastors and lay leaders but we have a youth director, education & family ministries director, a treasurer,  a vice-president for finance and a doctor rubbing shoulders with each other, learning and sharing their experience.

As is typical of most CLAP sessions, participants leave these sessions feeling enriched by new bonds of friendship, with a clearer vision of spiritual leadership and greater fluency in communicating in English.