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Hong Kong & Macau Bible Conference
March 26, 2013

Hong Kong is the most densely populated city in the world today. There are more high-rise buildings in Hong Kong than any other city of the world; nearly twice the number of New York City in North America. This means that there are a great many people who need to know about Jesus in a relatively small territory. This is why it is so important that the pastors of the churches continue to be equipped for ministry. The Bible Conference is a wonderful event to encourage the pastors.

March 8-10, 2013 the pastors gathered at the Kowloon Seventh-day Adventist Church on Boundary Street. They greeted each other and then settled into their seats for a wonderful blessing of learning more from God’s Word.They were excited to be a part of a Bible Conference that only happens about every five years. They were ready for the blessings God would share with them.

The speakers from the General Conference Biblical Research Institute were, Dr. Artur Stele, Dr. Angel Rodriguez, Dr. Clinton Wahlen, and Dr. Elias Brasil de Souza. Dr. Stele is the director of the Biblical Research Institute, and Drs’ Rodriguez, Wahlen, and Brasil de Sousa are associate directors. The Hong Kong Conference and Chinese Union Mission office leaders and staff worked very hard to make a very well organized program. 

This Bible Conference was held over the weekend so we worshipped at the regular hour with speakers from the Biblical Research Institute. Regular seminar presentations were given on Friday, Sabbath afternoon, and Sunday. There was much singing and lovely music. The church setting for the meeting gave us a worship atmosphere.

Dr. Stele shared from Acts chapter 2 and the book of Ruth. His messages were focused on the importance of our mission. He invited the pastors to remember how critical their work is even in difficult times and circumstances. We should never give up! We should speak boldly! We should be optimistic about the power of God to be with us.

Dr. Rodriguez shared about Adventist Theology, Adventist standards, and the remnant. As church theologians it is important the pastors to understand rightly how to interpret Scripture. As Adventists we do have standards that make us different. We will look different, sound different and act differently. He also cautioned the pastors to remind their members to be careful not to impose standards of their own devising on others. He also reminded us that we are the remnant of Revelation.

Dr. de Sousa led us through the sanctuary doctrine and shared the importance of this message for us today. We were reminded that the earthly sanctuary teaches us a great deal of what is happening in heaven today and the great work of Christ on our behalf.

Dr. Wahlen shared about principles for Bible study and how to exegete the Word of God. He reminded the pastors that how we approach the Scriptures will greatly determine our understanding of Scripture. He also shared about how to approach the writings of Ellen White and how they are to relate to the inspired writings of the Bible.

There were several goals of the Bible Conference. One goal was to strengthen the ministry of our pastoral leaders in Hong Kong and Macau and to encourage them in their day-to-day ministry efforts. Another goal was to strengthen the faith and understanding of our Seventh-day Adventist message. Still another goal was the refreshing of the pastors on how to understand the Bible and the prophecies that include prophecies of the end times of earth’s history; this time in which we now live. Also a goal was to remind pastors of the importance of sharing the essential messages we as Adventists have for our world.

The pastors were encouraged to not only share with the world themselves, but to share the messages given at the Bible Conference with their church members who should be invited to be a part of the ministry to Hong Kong Macau Conference.

As the pastors were leaving wesaw many smiles and many pastors stayed by asking further questions of the guest speakers. We believe this Bible conference will bless the ministry of the pastors for many years to come.