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Women's Ministries' Urban Evangelism Project
April 12, 2013

Today, our first group of urban missionaries completed Part I of a two-part training in the art of beauty and aesthetics which included facial massage and bridal makeup and hairstyling. This is a project of the Women’s Ministries Department of the Chinese Union Mission and Northern Asia-Pacific Division in cooperation with Stella-In International Advanced Aesthetics Academy in Malaysia.

The managing director, Mrs Stella Hong together with her trainer, Ms Cheah Hooi Sen have been working with a group of 16 women from the Gangwashi Church in Beijing. Its leader, Elder Chen Yaxien was the first to respond positively to this idea of training young people in massage and cosmetology so that they can set up their own businesses or work with wellness centers, salons, spas and the like which are mushrooming in many big cities.

Armed with these beauty skills, these urban missionaries will rub shoulders with all kinds of people, make friends, meet their needs right where they are and then begin spiritual conversations with them. Those who set up their own independent businesses will gain entrance into homes that will never open their doors to colporteurs or pastors.

The group has planned to set up a company to reach the people of Beijing for Christ after completion of the entire course in June. Stella and HooiSen will then train another batch of 16-20 young people at another 3 more locations in 2013 and 2014. Mongolia will come on board in 2015. Eventually, we have plans to selecta few promising young people from the groups who will be groomed to be trainers themselves so the project will continue to grow and be self-sustaining.