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Health Evangelism for a PMM Church
April 15, 2013

Qingdao is a beautiful city with lots of opportunity for mission work! This city has lot of Europe influence special by the German.  Dr. Choi the health ministry director went for health evangelism on March 29 to April 6, 2013 for two churches, one is under the PMM pastor and one is under an elder! One young church- a little over a year and the other one was an old church with lots of youth!

The purpose for this trip is twofold: Health education for the members and health evangelism for the non - members.

Dr. Choi visited several of our Korean brothers that have food factory: the Korean Food Factory that produces all kind of Korean rice products, and 'S' Seaweed Factory. She also visited three restaurants that sell Bread, Wudong, as well as selling Korean food! All of the food restaurants that are closed to the university and provide Sabbath worship from 10 students to 30 students.

Went to Zhazhang city to visit the leprosy center and brought some fruits/food, and share with them some encourage message as well as serve their physical need. On the way back we did stop by to visit two churches and one is under construction. The constructing work is under the church brothers and sisters!

We have nine people give their heart to Jesus (five males and four females)

Let us continues to pray and support the work over there!