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NSD Mission Day
December 01, 2011

NSD workers and their families visited Seogwipo Church which is located in Jeju Island, the southernmost island of Korea for the 8th NSD Mission Day on September 20, 2011. Jeju is one of the most attractive places where about 7 million tourists visited in the past year. It is ten times more than Jeju population of 550,000. In Jeju Island, we have 10 adventist churches and 400 church members.

     The NSD Mission Day has been held in a local church since 2010 in order to activate evangelistic work in local churches and to strengthen mission spirit of NSD workers. Church members from Seogwipo Church and New Seogwipo Church also participated in the event.  

     NSD President’s speech that reminded the importance of the Mission Day was followed by a reading of NSD Mission Statement. Pastor Kwon ManBok shared his experiences and emphasized the importance of door-to-door visitation as a guest speaker. Pastor Song EulSub who planted a church in Japan for 6 years as a PMM missionary also talked about the motivation of mission. 


     Participants including 80 NSD workers and families and local church members were divided into 10 groups and distributed Adventist magazines and tracts in 10 different places. At the midweek prayer meeting in the evening, team leaders gave report on their activities and shared the joy of witness.


Mission Day is a day set by denominational organization to emphasize mission and evangelism among the faculties and staff members and help all the workers to renew their mission/evangelism spirit and provide them opportunities to participate in mission/evangelism activities. Mission Day started first time in 2004 by Northern Asia-Pacific Division.


There are 177 large and small organizations and institutions in Northern Asia-Pacific Division including the division itself with more than 12,600 employees.

According to the mission statement of all different level of organizations and institutions is to proclaim everlasting gospel which is in Revelation 14:6-13 to those who live on earth- to every nation, tribe, language, and people.

Paul recommended Timothy to preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2). All the denominational employees should not only participate in the evangelism by themselves and set good examples for the church members. 

If all the institutions set a day as a Mission Day in a year, if every active employee passes out at least 200 tracts, more than two and half million individuals in our division territories will get Three Angels’ Messages. 

Therefore, Northern Asia-Pacific Division started Mission Day program in 2004 to experiment to know if it may work before NSD recommends the subordinate organizations.

And as results of it, NSD and its staffs found that it benefited them, Adventist Church was better introduced to its neighbors and business associates. Staffs restored the sense of personal witnessing, strengthened the partnership with their colleagues as they visited neighbors and pass out the tracts together, and found confidence in evangelism/mission.