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27th Foreign Missionaries Spiritual Retreat Article
May 20, 2013

Themed “A Love Like Christ’s,” the 27th annual spiritual retreat held at Yeongsuwon, Anmyeondo last April 19-21 had the eighty-six 1000MM missionaries spiritually revived and had their sense of mission rekindled.

The message of God reminded the missionaries about the Savior’s main purpose in sending them here. “You were not sent here to teach English. You were sent here to share the gospel in English,” Pastor Algier Ravelo spoke with so much love and passion during the Vespers.

The retreat was packed with activities. Communion Service, group dynamics, early morning Godly-time, physical exercise, Sundown program by the seashore amidst the very cold wind, and a Social Night were deliberately prepared for the missionaries to see deeply the love of Christ and to have it reflected on others which was the main goal of the retreat.

The inspiration and encouragement they received were more than enough for them to be spiritually rejuvenated. But with God’s generosity, His spiritual blessings came with bonuses as missionaries received devotional booklets, t-shirts and other tokens sponsored by the KUC and the 1000MM.

The missionaries went back to their mission fields with their hearts heavy but inspired, sad but happy, physically tired but spiritually invigorated. With so much faith and eagerness to go on with their journey of service with Christ and for Christ, we hope that this will always be reflected on everything they do as it is inscribed in their hearts: A love like Christ’s..