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Mission Day of Taiwan Adventist Hospital
June 05, 2013

There is no boundary between evangelism and medicine. In order to save people’s lives and restore their health, doctors and missionaries shall work hard together, and be serious and detail-oriented, in the same manner (Mrs. Ellen White). All of us have to do our best to achieve our goal, as Jesus preached the gospel and performed medical treatment in His days.

In that event we invite many community as well as church leaders to join our celebration of 58Th anniversary of hospital and we also introduce the history of Adventist Church development in Taiwan and hospital overview to all participants. It’s a good opportunity to spread gospel to the community through the event.

Session I of Mission Day. The History of Taiwan Adventist Hospital

First Period: Taiwan-Sanitarium Hospital Period

1955 – Dr. Miller, church leaders, and government officials planned for the establishment of TAH.

Second Period: Taiwan Adventist Hospital Period

1986—The hospital was renamed as “Taiwan Adventist Hospital”

Third Period: Preventive Medicine Period

2005—Establishment of Health Management Center

Session II of Mission Day. Our Vision

To become a benchmark of highest client satisfaction and to set up a model for Preventive Medicine.

We shoulder the responsibilities of a Christian hospital at the regional level, providing complete, professional, high efficient medical services. Also, we strive to care for communities, promote a healthy life, and serve as a model for preventive medicine.

Session III of Mission Day. Celebration

We held a carnival in the afternoon to celebrate the 58th anniversary of hospital. In that day, many patients and hospital staff took part in the event.