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Heart Moving Concerts by Golden Angels
June 17, 2013

Elderly people, as well as the staff in a day care center, and a senior aged home were greatly moved by two concerts presented by the Golden Angels on May 29, 2013 in Shikoku, Japan. The members of the Golden Angels sang first at the Fukutakeso Day Care Center on the third floor of the Aijukai Hospital in Saijo City, Ehime-ken, Shikoku in Japan. 

The concert started at 4:00 p.m. and immediately the participants were attracted by the beautiful and solemn atmosphere of the music performed by the Golden Angels.  Most of the attendees were elderly, commuting to this center during the day.       Additionally, there were a few hospital patients.  Some people were so touched by the gospel music that they wept. 

There were around 100 people attending including patients, staff and the Imabari Church members with Pastor Kazunobu Osada.  They were able to listen mainly to English songs with Japanese translation on screen, one Japanese song “Furusato” and one Korean song “Arirang.”  After the concert, some of the participants gave their thanks to each of the Golden Angels on behalf of others.  Then, the members of the Golden Angels greeted them one by one by shaking hands and speaking to them.  Dr. Shin Uchida and Dr. Kazumichi Moriyama, the hospital President and Vice President, came to express their gratitude to the singers. 

After the one hour program, the Golden Angels moved to another building in the same huge compound of the hospital.  It was the newly built Senjuen Senior Aged Home. Another concert was conducted beginning at 5:00 p.m.  The number of those attending altogether was around 70.  Many people came to listen in their wheelchairs.  The Golden Angels sang the same songs here as well. 

It must have been the first time for those attending to listen to Christian songs sung by dedicated young people because some people wept due to the power of the Holy Spirit.  After the program, the singers came to those listening to converse with them and to comfort them. Mr. Toshiaki Kondo, director of the home, expressed his great thanks and entertained the singers with tea and cake.

It was the fifth week of the Golden Angles trip from the greater Tokyo area to Shikoku Island in Japan, so they must have been tired.  In spite of that, they sang and praised the name of God from the bottom of their hearts.  These heart moving concerts were the outcome of their dedication to the Lord.

Miss Hiromi Yokogawa, a church member and trained pipe-organist, commented, “It was wonderful.”  Miss Michiru Kikugawa said, “I gained new energy from the Golden Angels.”  These events were planned by the Seventh-day Adventist Imabari Church.  The reason why the church conducted these concerts at the hospital instead of the church is due to Miss Ana Catolico who is working at the Aijukai Hospital as a nurse.  This hospital is the sister institution to the day care center and the senior aged home.  She is Filipina and passed the difficult Japanese examination for overseas nurses last year. (See the May/June 2012 of NEWS & VIEWS.)  On this day, as she was free from her duties, she was also able to enjoy the music.  (Reported by Tadaomi Shinmyo, retired missionary living in Imabari City, Ehime-ken, Shikoku in Japan.)