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GC & NSD Biblical Research Committee Meeting in Hong Kong
June 21, 2013

June 3-5, 2013 at Hong Kong Adventist College, NSD Biblical Research Committee members and invitees met. Under the guidance of GC BRI Deputy Director, Ekkhardt Mueller, the committee discussed the theology of ordination. Our work was in conjunction with the work of the World Church as it prepares for this discussion at the 2015 General Conference session.

NSD Secretary, Akeri Suzuki, served as acting chairperson for the meeting. Devotional message were given by Bold Batsukh, MM Ministerial Secretary; Katisumi Higashide, San-iku Gakuin College President, and Elder Robert Folkenberg, CHUM president. NSD BRC Secretary, David Ripley, and,committee member, Chek, Yat Phoon were in attendance, as was the Ministerial Director from CHUM, Elder Isaac Foo. One or more scholars represented each of the NSD universities and colleges. The committee also has two pastors/scholars from the NSD organized territories, Zhang Hua Sarah, and David Liu.

Eight papers were presented and much positive discussion took place. The committee reviewed the GC Theology of Ordination Study Committee’s consensus document and made recommendations that Dr. Mueller will present to that group.

The general consensus of the NSD BRC members was that we have an important message, a large mission territory, and urgency to complete God’s mission on earth in preparation for Jesus’ soon return. They are very interested in engaging every Adventist in ministry and will follow the world church leadership as it guides us in this work.

David Ripley, NSD Ministerial Secretary