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Ministerial Department Leads Training
June 27, 2013

NSD Ministerial Secretary, David Ripley, and assistant Ministerial Secretary, Lynn Ripley, provided a two and half day training event for pastors, church leaders, seminary students, and church members in the unorganized territory.

The emphasis of the event was equipping area churches with skills for small group church planting. Topics covered were discipleship, small groups as a basis for church life, mission focused church culture, dealing with church conflict, and how to give personal Bible studies.

The group members were very enthusiastic in their desire to do outreach and useful community service. During the training time, they practiced how to invite someone to accept Jesus as a personal Savior, and how to run a small group, as well as how to write small group Bible lessons.

The pastoral spouses in attendance also met for an evening meal. You will notice from the pictures that some of our pastoral spouses are ladies and some are gentlemen. Our GC Leader, Janet Page, has encouraged us to remember to serve all our spouses, female or male, and their families.

One attendee asked for prayer that, “We will serve our communities with caring, united hearts. And that God will be glorified through our witness.”

News Article by Lynn Ripley, Assistant Ministerial Secretary