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Blessed 101 Times and More!
July 08, 2013

On June 26, Pastor Ejler Jensen, missionary to the Far East (Japan & Malaysia), celebrated his 101st birthday in Yountville, California. Ps Jensen arrived in Okinawa together with his wife and daughter in September of 1950 just 5 years after the war when the island was still in a very pitiful state with poverty everywhere.

“Men, women, and children were dressed in odds and ends of military clothing. Many of the children showed signs of malnutrition,” he wrote in his book, Memoirs. Within just two short years of their arrival, filled with a passion to share the gospel with the Okinawans, he built the Shuri and Sashiki churches. There was not a single Adventist on the island at that time.  This was followed by the construction of a school, then a medical clinic which later was expanded to be the Adventist Medical Center. Before he left for Tokyo, he completed a third church at Koza.

The Japanese thought he was crazy, building a 200-member church when he had no members except for his three-member family, but the Lord honored his faith. Within just two years,  the Spirit of the Lord brought 40 members to worship in the new church, and He added to their numbers daily until the church was filled. After Okinawa, he was called to work in Tokyo at the Adventist hospital. Later, he moved to the Japan Union as its secretary treasurer and was involved with the sale of the Harajuku property and building of the Union office, school and residences in Hodogaya.

Currently, Ps Jensen is in a nursing home where he is lovingly cared for. His daughter, Yvonne Truby (an ex-Heritage singer), reports:  "His mind is still very sharp which is wonderful for the many conversations we enjoy together." Let's pray that our God will be there to comfort and encourage him as his unassuming and humble servant continues to live in praise to His name.