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2011 NSD PREXAD Meeting
October 19, 2011

   The NSD PREXAD Meeting was held in Jeju Island from September 5 to 7, 2011. NSD officers and directors, Union presidents from Korea, Japan, China, and a director from Mongolia gathered together to examine significant on-going work in The NSD and Unions and to make plans for the next year. Other items such as Chinese Hope TV, increase of theology graduates in Korea, PMM, Mission Day,

   Revival and Reformation were discussed in depth. More important items were the NSD Pathfinder Camporee which will be held at Sahmyook University in 2012 and the NSD Mission Congress which will be held in attendance with about 4,000 members at Jeju International Convention Center in August, 2013.

   In addition, delegates agreed that a separate entity for HisHands Mission Movement which is a domestic mission project is needed to strengthen the work. They also planned for a Retention Program which will help new members grow in faith. Participants decided to continuously work with an undivided focus on mission, as befits our motto, Mission First.