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Adventists in Ha’erbin gets health messages
August 06, 2013

In May, Dr. John Zhang, responsible for overseeing health ministry at CHUM, traveled to the city of Ha’erbin, Heilongjiang Province, to teach the local Adventists health messages and medical evangelism. Three hundred people came to the seminars.

According to Dr. Zhang, many Chinese Adventists are eager to adopt healthy diets promoted by the Church but don’t really know how to achieve a balanced nutrition. After practicing health reform for many years, a lot of them still suffer from various physical problems.

Dr. Zhang collected survey results from the participants and gave them needed information in regard to the common local diseases. Dr. Zhang also taught many ways to fight depression, stress and obesity.

The Adventist churches in northeastern China have raised funds and obtained a piece of donated land to build a sanitarium and a nursing home. The sanitarium is expected to be completed by October.