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The Rescue after Lushan earthquake
August 06, 2013

The Lushan earthquake occurred on April 20, 2013. 22 church members in Lushan Church experienced the earthquake. But by God’s grace, they are all safe and sound. However their houses and two meeting grounds collapsed.

People from Sichuan Church decided to work with ADRA to send supplies to the stricken area. Chengdu Church helped us to purchase the supplies and sent them through ADRA. It became much easier to go back and forth to send the supplies to church members who are suffering from the earthquake once ADRA got the permit. 

When we again visited Lushan in May, we could see the collapsed houses being removed. Every family had its own temporary shelter covered by tarpaulin, however, it is never a long-term way of living. The government gathered the people to build huts.

On May 19, two Pastors from Chengdu Church led the church members to the stricken area in order to help the local church members build huts. They stayed for a week while they visited the church members to encourage them and help them to keep faith.

Pastors and the church members from Chengdu church worked really hard. All they had for food were instant noodles. The only place they could rest was in the temporary shelter. Despite the open and wet floor of the temporary shelter they insisted staying longer. They were very thoughtful and caring for the needs of the local people.

Although the churches and its members suffered from the disaster, the church members continued to worship God.

The church building may have collapsed but instead, they held an outdoor worship service. Others who could not worship in the temporary shelter because of its small size, they built huts so everyone could join for worship.

The church is planning for reconstruction; however, they need to get the permits from the government before they can officially start. Also the local church and church members are lacking in funds and donations to rebuild their homes and churches.