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The 2nd Session of the third run of the CLAP
August 08, 2013

The second session of the third run of the Communication & Leadership Advancement Program (CLAP3B) got off to a good start on Monday, August 5 at the Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand despite a typhoon raging through China which threatened the on-time arrival of some of our participants. Everyone arrived according to schedule and English and leadership classes proceeded smoothly for this group.

All 34 participants were glad to renew their acquaintance with their friends and settled into speaking English all day (and hopefully in the evening as well!). On the second day, NSD President, Dr Jairyong Lee, visited and taught the leadership component as well as spoke for the worship where students from the NSD territories were invited to join in. Again, he stressed the importance of English as a communication tool for the future and current leaders in NSD.

The key to the progress made lies in the weekly homework assignments that they do in between these two-week sessions. These assignments are followed up by an assistant, Elder James Torres at NSD, who ensures that all participants keep up with the requirements.

This program  which is unique to the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, has seen two successful runs since it began in December 2008. By the end of the third run which will conclude in August 2014, over a hundred leaders from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan would have been trained.

News article by Dr. Sally Phoon