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NSD Officers and Directors Visit Adventist Training Center, Wonju Sahmyook Academy, and Nomok Observatory
October 19, 2011

   On September 15, 2011 officers and directors of the NSD including Dr. Jairyong Lee, Dr. Akeri Suzuki, Elder Ken Osborn, Pastor Stanley Ng, Dr. David Ripley, Dr. Barbara Choi, Dr. HongPal Ha, Elder Guimo Sung, and Pastor SukHee Han visited the Adventist Training Center, Nomok Observatory, and Wonju Sahmyook Academy to encourage and reward workers for their service. It was a great time to understand church institutions in Korea. 

   Elder Ken Osborn, the NSD Treasurer, said “I fully agree with the educational philosophy and policy of Nomok Observatory which teach the Bible and Creation to students through nature when the world argues the theory of evolution. I was especially impressed when I heard that such a wonderful institution was established by one Adventist lay person who loves young people.”

   The NSD Ministerial Association Secretary, Dr. David Ripley who just arrived at the NSD in September also shared his impression during this visit to the Adventist Training Center (ATC). “It is very impressive that all programs in the ATC are based on the example of Jesus Christ who had enough time for spiritual communication with the Father during his earthly ministry. It is a great blessing and spiritual empowerment that the Korean Adventist Church has such a place.”

   Dr. Jairyong Lee, the NSD President, said “The Korean Adventist Church has various exemplary institutions in management, spirituality, and mission. If foreign missionaries in Korea have an opportunity to visit those institutions, they will benefit spiritually, in turn those institutions will have exposure.