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Seminars of the NSD International Mission Congress
August 30, 2013

On the 2nd day of the NSD International Mission Congress, there were 15 different seminars concerning Spiritual Revival, Mission Strategy and Front Line Field Experiences.

15 excellent and renowned speakers around the world came to share their great experiences and knowledge with the participants of the International Mission Congress in the various lecture hall of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of the International Convention Center in Jeju, South Korea. The speakers and the topics are as follows.

* Spiritual Revival

Ted N. C. Wilson: Pastoral Meeting with Ted N. C. Wilson

Radical Prayers (Derek Morris): Mission Dynamics through the Radical Prayers

Education & Mission (Mike Lekic):  Our Primary Educational Mission: Salvation of Children and Youth

* Mission Strategies

World Missions (G. T. Ng): The Guarantee of Success in World Missions

Church Growth (Jonathan Kuntaraf): Practical Mission Strategies for Church Growth during End-time

Community Service Mission (Sung Kwon): Effective Ways to Create Positive Perceptions of the Adventist Church in the Community

Mission to the Muslims (Lester Merklin): How to Approach the Muslims with Love

Missionary Family Life (Cheryl D. Doss): Logic systems and mission

Mission and Religious Freedom (Eugene Hsu): How to advance mission in China where religious freedom in limited?

Small Group Mission (Robert Costa): How to operate small group mission and keep retention effectively

Migrant Society Mission (Kwon, Oh Young): Mission in the migrant society

* Front Line Field Experiences

Self-Support Missions (Ha, Yong Pan): Mission Stories and Testimonies of Lay Peoples from NSD Territories

Mission to Chinese Buddhists (Samuel Wang): How to Approach the Chinese Buddhists with the Gospel

Mission Survival (Jung, Hyo Soo / Ham, Young Sik): Practical Experiences & Stories of Mission Survival

Mission to North Korea (Kim, Haeng Sun): The Concrete Plans, Reports and Testimonies for Mission to North Korea