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Touching Stories of Missionaries during the International Mission Congress
September 01, 2013

Thousands of people’s heart were deeply touched by the testimonies of missionaries during the NSD International Mission Congress(IMC) in Jeju, South Korea.

On the 2nd day of the IMC, the participants were able to hear the stories of missionaries through the ‘Mission Live’ program,

There were two testimonies given by the HisHands Mission Movement and the North Korean mission.

Following is the short summary of the HisHands Mission Movement report and testimonies. Missionary BaekTo Jung and Grace Lee came up to the stage to share the testimonies. They have been helping the hundreds of Lepers in China.

Helping 2,500 lepers in 49 leper’s villages as ‘His Hands’

There are countless villages in the world but there are leper’s villages in China. About 240,000 lepers are living in 600 leper’s villages. They are isolated from their family and society.

There are people who share God’s love with His heart and As His Hands. About 120 Helping Hands members from 8 countries, including China, Korea, and America, have been serving 2,500 lepers in 49 leper’s villages since 2006. With all this effort, 677 precious souls received baptism by accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. Also 300 more people are waiting to be baptized.

These missionaries came to them who were forsaken 30 years ago and washed their faces and feet. By their sacrificial love, they opened their heart and accepted Jesus Christ. This spirit of love and sacrifice is the true spirit of the HisHands Mission Movement. Even now, many HisHands missionaries are sharing God’s love with their neighbors around the world to lead them to Jesus Christ.

In May, 2007, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division voted on the His Hands Mission Movement Proposal to strengthen the homeland mission. The HisHands Mission Movement is to send out our Adventist members two by two for the gospel ministry following the instruction of Jesus.

This Movement is widely spreading all over the NSD territory including Korea, Mongolia, Japan, China and Taiwan. Now there are approximately 3,500 HisHands missionaries spreading the gospel in their own countries. HisHands is a mission movement to help local church members Use time in their schedule to spread the gospel in the areas where their church pastors and the conference assign them.