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Touching Stories of Missionaries during the International Mission Congress - 2
September 01, 2013

Thousands of people’s heart were deeply touched by the testimonies of missionaries during the NSD International Mission Congress(IMC) in Jeju, South Korea.

On the 3rd day of the IMC, the participants were able to hear the stories of missionaries through the ‘Mission Live’ program, There were two testimonies given by the Pioneer Mission Movement and the 1000 Missionary Movement.

Following is the short summary of the 1000 Missionary Movement report and testimonies. Missionary JongSuk Han came up to the stage to share the testimonies.

Missionary life story of Elder Han, Jong Suk who is the 37th batch 1000 Missionary.

Medical teams from Korea and America came to Diplahan City, Philippines for a city-wide initiative to provide free medical service before the evangelistic meetings. Many people in Diplahan City showed great interest in this free medical service. Even the mayor himself gave his full support for this medical service.

This was on the first day of the free medical service and evangelistic meetings. The mayor went to the airport with 11 vehicles to pickup the medical teams from Korea and the US.

The streets of the town were lined with students, and a band was also there to welcome them. People waved the national flag of Korea to welcome them. During the five days of the medical service, about 3,000 people received medical care.

And every day about 800 people attended the evangelistic meetings. By the power of the Holy Spirit, at the end of the meetings 725 people were baptized. The baptismal ceremony continued for 3 hours until everyone had been baptized.

Two local news networks reported on the city-wide medical service work.1000 missionary, Han, Jong Suk played a major part of this event. When missionary Han was planning this medical service and evangelic crusade, He worked with pastors and church elders with much sincere prayer and dedication. Even though we are more than 50, we remember that, “Age is just a number!” 

Missionary Han worked at the Sahmyook seaweed company as a business manager for 6 years before he becomes a missionary. But he gave up his job and many other things to become a 1000 missionary. Then he joined the 1000 Missionary Movement with his wife.

Missionary Han and his wife visited many places in his mission field serving and healing the people with his acupuncture skills and he preached the Word of God. Through this couple’s dedication, about 2,600 people received medical treatment, and 1,113 precious souls became the children of God through baptism.

In 1991, the Asia-Pacific Division launched the 1000 Missionary Movement to protect Adventist young people from the evil influences of the secular world and to quickly finish the gospel work in the entire world.

Since the first group of 1000 Missionary Movement volunteers, more than 6,000 of our Adventist young men and women have joined this great mission challenge. Through the witness of 1000 missionaries, more than 60,000 souls have been baptized and hundreds of churches have been built.