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2013 NSD International Mission Congress - A Historical Mission Event
September 17, 2013

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division held the International Mission Congress on Jeju Island, South Korea August 28 - 31, 2013 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church's organization.

Under the theme "Mission, Vision and Passion", over 4,000 Adventist leaders and members from 25 countries including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, USA, Russia and India attended this historic event.

World church leaders participated including: Elder Ted Wilson, General Conference President; G. T. Ng, GC Executive Secretary; Derek Morris, GC Associate Ministerial Secretary; Jonathan Kuntaraf, GC Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director as well as other GC leaders who shared their vision and knowledge for world mission through lectures and seminars.

Dr. Jairyong Lee, NSD President as well as world division presidentsErton Carlos Kohler, SAD president; John Rathinaraj, SUD president; andGilbert Wari, WAD president, were present.

PMM missionaries, HisHands missionaries, 1000MM missionaries, Golden Angels, self-supporting missionaries and AVS missionaries participated in the event sharing how they have experiences God's amazing grace in the settings where they undertake mission.

During theInternational Mission Congress,participants prepared their hearts for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the word of God, testimonies, praise, joint prayers and fellowship.

Fifty-three exhibition booths representing educational institutions, gospel missionary work, publishing ministries, health-care institutions, and food factories displayed various mission resources. Colorful banners a "Welcome Arch" at the entrance to the ICC community and hundreds of beautifully decorated banners on light posts greeted guests even on the streets of the surrounding community.

On August 27, a day before the event, General Conference president, Elder Ted Wilson and Mrs. Nancy Wilson arrived at the Jeju airport. Dr. Jairyong Lee, NSD president, NSD directors andJeju Central Church members warmly welcomed President and Mrs. Wilson at the Jeju International Airport.

On Wednesday evening August 28, the grand opening ceremony was held with musical praise and colorful cultural performancesthat inspiredthe convocation. Participants were invited to reflect on the calling and mission of God's ‘Remnant People’.

A parade of NSD nations highlighted the opening ceremony. Each country was represented by missionaries dressed in traditional costumes from the areas they serve in. They shared their heritage and praised the Lord through graceful and powerful cultural performances.

In opening remarks the NSD Mission Congress chief director Dr. Siyoung Kim stated,“We are here to renew our vision of mission to accomplish the great commission”

GC president, Elder Ted Wilson sought God's blessing for the participants reminding them,“The reason we are here is because we have a great mission to accomplish through the power of the Holy Spirit Proclaiming the three angels messages of Revelation chapter 14. May we be dedicated to participate in doing God’s great mission in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division and around the world.”

NSD President, Dr. Jairyong Lee, welcomed the participants by saying “I pray that all of us will be filled with the mission spirit as of God’s missionary by receiving the Holy Spirit during this mission congress”.

During his opening ceremony sermon, Dr. G. T. Ng, GC Executive Secretary said “It is our responsibility to go into the cities to the byways and compel the people to come to the foot of the cross. That’s the mission of the church”

On Thursday and Friday mornings of the Mission Congress, Dr. Derek Morris, GC Associate Ministerial Secretary sharedpowerful messages with the participants including a personal testimony of how he was used by God only after he came to realize that it wasn't his work but was God working through his willingness to serve.

"Mission Live" programs featured, video reports and testimonies of the HisHands Mission Movement, Mission to North Korea, Pioneer Mission Movement, and the 1,000 Missionary Movement. MissionariesBaekTo Jung and Grace Lee shared their mission stories from the lepers' villages in China where they have cared for 2,500 lepers in 49 leper villages resulting in 677 baptisms.

1000MM missionary JongSuk Han shared his mission vision and testimony of how he has baptized more than 1,000 people during a year of service in the Philippines.

During the ‘Mission Talk Show’, several missionaries shared their ongoing evangelistic activities. These included stories of young adults devoting their talents for Internet Ministry in China; ofpastor Abe serving those who were once in cult movements in Japan, and Elder YongSun Lee working full time in prison ministries in Korea.

Throughout the Mission Congress, seminars were presented by missionaries and church leaders serving in various parts of the world. More than 15 mission related seminars such as ‘Missionary Family Life’, ‘Radical Prayers, 'World Mission’, and "Church Growth" were offered. Pastors attending the congress also had opportunity to meet and share as a group with the president of the General Conference.

On the evenings of the second and third day, Union Conference and Mission presidents of the NSD territory including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Mongolia of the NSD territory each presented mission reports from their areas.  Following each report, Elder Ted Wilson offered prayer for the success of mission effort in each Union Conference and Mission.

Each evening, inspirational music and beautiful cultural performances filled the hearts of the attendees with joy. ACantata composed by Adventists with the theme of ‘Messiah’ and ‘Acts of the Apostles’ was performed on the stage by Adventist musical artists and supported by powerful graphics prepared by the KUC media center. Also, theShulamite team’s musical performances elevated the participant’s mission spirit.

Blessed by near perfect weather, the Sabbath services on the beautiful island of Jeju were well prepared emphasizing the theme of  'Mission First" for the over 4,000 worshipers. Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraf, GC Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director led the Sabbath School lesson study which emphasized Revival and Reformation.

During the Sabbath divine worship service, Elder Ted Wilson said “The world is confused, tired and worn out. As we carry forward the gospel message to the entire world, baptizing, teaching and making disciples, we do so with a complete package according to Christ’s method. And that package is that Jesus met the needs of people physically, socially, mentally and spiritually.”

Sabbath afternoon a, 'Mission Dedication' service was held. NSD president, Dr. Jairyong Lee, introduced the life of Abram La Ruewho came to Hong Kong as a self-supporting missionary where he passed away as an active missionary. Dr. Lee reminded participants, “We must be filled with the Holy Spirit to go with the Three Angels' messages to the ends of the earth”

The Mission Dedication service was filled by a sense of God’s grace, His words, and the praise and prayers of His people. For those present there was a renewed sense their calling to active mission service. Leaders of the Adventist church from the GC, Divisions, Unions and Conferences were invited to the stage to reaffirm their responses by holding individual red scarves high each emblazoned with the words ‘Here am I, Send Me!’

As the Dedication Service came to a close, each participant lit a candle to express his or her willingness to share the light of truth around the world.

The Congress concluded with a musical concert featuring groups from throughout the NSD territory. Participants were reminded of the harmony to be experienced even in this world as cultures blend beautifully reflecting that we are one family sharing the same mission.

All the programs of the Mission Congress were broadcastlive through satellite, Internet and mobile phone. Each day 3,000 people watched the live broadcasts of the event with atotal of 7,000 people attending the event either online or in Jeju.

The 2013 NSD International Mission Congress was an historical event asking God to pour out His latter rain to renew the 'mission first' spirit in NSD enabling the fulfillment of the Great Commission for reaching NSD's 1.6 billion population

We have declared that spreading the Three Angels' message is the goal of ourSeventh-day Adventist church and the core purpose for our lives. Our mission is to go to the ends of the earth with the promise of God's enabling power. No matter what challenges we face, we will go and accomplish the mission we have been assigned.


* Photo courtesy : BumTae Kim