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NSD Shepherdess/Pastoral Spouses Book Translation Project
September 25, 2013

The NSD pastoral spouses ministry has taken on an initiative to provide pastoral families with a translation of the book “Radical Protection.”The goal has been to put this important book on prayer into the hands of pastoral spouses (male and female) to strengthen the prayer life, ministry courage, and spiritual protection of these precious families.

Dr. Derek Morris, GC Associate Ministerial Secretary, and the author of the book, provided the manuscript without charge to the NSD Shepherdess Ministries department. Then with the help of Shepherdess International Coordinators, Lily S. Wu, CHUM leader, and her associate, Joyce Sham; Keiko Shoji, JUC leader; Kang Soon Gi, KUC assistant to the president; and Cleidi Kuhn, MM leader translators were found.

During the NSD International Mission Congress on Jeju Island, Kim Dae Sung, KUC President, with Lynn Ripley, NSD Shepherdess International Coordinator, Cleidi Kuhn (MM), and Jane Doh (Korean translator) presented Dr. Derek Morris with copies of the Korean and Mongolian versions of the book. Later Dr. Masumi Shimada, JUC president, and Lynn Ripley were able to give him a copy of the Japanese version.

One report has already come back from our Mongolian ministry field. A pastoral spouses group facilitated by Cleidi Kuhn has used this wonderful little book as a small group study. Cleidi shared, “Our spouses have been so blessed and encouraged by the message of our book. They have begun to see evidences of God’s protection for their families and renewed courage in ministry.”

NSD pastoral spouses want to express their deepest thanks to Dr. Morris for the book manuscript. And to thank our book translators, Daniel Jiao, CHUM Secretary (Chinese translations); Jane Doh (Korea translation); Davaakhuu B Daagii (Mongolian translation), and Shigeo Oohata (Japanese translator) for their diligent efforts.

For more information on the book, “Radical Protection” or other pastoral spouses resources go to the NSD pastoral spouses web site at: