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TOKYO 13 – Mission to the Cities evangelism
September 25, 2013

The Northern Asia-pacific Division has chosen Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, as the target city for 2013 Mission to the Cities evangelism. Tokyo 13 Evangelism is now being held in 8 churches in Tokyo, Japan. These Evangelism venues are Tokyo Chinese Church, Tokyo Central church for Harajuku Group, Yokohama group, Tokyo Korean church, Tokyo International Church, Tachikawa Church, Amanuma Church for Tokyo Youth group and West Tokyo group.

Tokyo 13 at the Tachikawa Church

From September 14 to 16, Tachikawa church started Tokyo 13 evangelism. The speaker of this meeting was Pastor Shimada, who is the president of Japan Union Conference. The meeting was held every morning 10:30 to 12:00. Pr. Shimada

preached the message with the theme 'Decision for the Eternal Life'. His sermon was touching many people’s heart that lots of people cried and renewed their minds.

Every day 20 minutes before the meeting, NSD Golden Angels sing group had a mini concert to praise God. For the congregations understanding, most of the songs were sung in Japanese language. Every mini concert was done in Japanese style and people’s heart was deeply touched by the songs.

On Sunday, in Tachikawa church, there was a baptism ceremony. One of new believers became a special child of God. Tokyo 13 evangelism at Tachikawa was gracefully ended.

Tokyo 13 at the Tokyo Central Church

At the Tokyo Central Church, with Pastor Dwight Nelson who is the senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Andrews University, USA, the first day of meetings was held last night. This meeting will be closed on coming Saturday, Sep. 21st. Before the meeting starts, Golden Angels had opened the hearts of the audience by praising God in beautiful harmony. Pastor Nelson was born and grew up till 14 years old in Japan and got baptized at the Tokyo Central Church, so it was pleasing and meaningful moment for him to see all the church members again.

The theme of the first day was “God-forsaken God”. It was such a touching message for all the audience. Many people who had left church for long time, those who from other denominations, friends, families, neighbors of our church members were touched by the message and promised to come back for the tomorrow’s meeting with smile on their faces. Even though it is 5 days of short period, but it is sure that God has been guiding all the plans.

Tokyo Chinese Church

Tokyo Chinese Church had four days of Tokyo 13 evangelistic meetings, Chinese Union Mission sent Pastor Daniel Jiao, executive secretary of the union to speak for the evangelistic meetings. The title of the series was "The Value of Live." On the last Sabbath, four precious children of God joined the Remnant church by baptism. There are three more who expressed to be baptized soon. Praise the Lord!