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Tokyo 13 story Part III - 42 Talks
October 02, 2013

The special evangelistic meetings’ period for Tokyo 13 Hope for the Cities - city wide evangelism haven been held from September to October, 2013.  At 8 different locations in Tokyo metropolitan area, Japan and there have been 42 meetings held during these two months.

<Tama-Saitama Team>

  For three days, September 14-16, at Tachikawa SDA Church, Pastor Shimada, the JUC president conducted the meetings with the main title, “The Decision to the Eternal Life.”  On the second and third days, the Tokyo area was hit by a typhoon and the public transportation such as trains were much reduced, but we had 167 for the first day, 117 for the second day, and 82 for the third day.  Especially on the second day, two new believers were baptized.

<Yokohama 13 Team>

The same date as Tachikawa Church, September 14-16, at Kamenokoyama SDA Church located just under the JUC headquarters in Yokohama.  Pastor Dwight Nelson from Andrews University Church conducted the meetings with the main title, “The Hope of the Rising Sun.”  He picked up the Adventist messages, and spoke well, so that even the Japanese people could understand.  With the less influence by the typhoon than to Tachikawa, the number of tattendance was 204, 210, and 203 each day.  The Golden Angels was involved in the both locations of the meetings.

<Harajuku Team>

  Right after the meetings in Yokohama, Pastor Nelson moved to Harajuku, Tokyo, and he conducted the meetings at Tokyo Central SDA Church for five days.  The number of attendance was 180, 164, 168, 175, and 410 for the Sabbath worship!!

<West Tokyo Team>

Starting from the weekend of September 14-15, 8 meetings are planned in four weekends, by four pastors from west area of Tokyo (including the president of the East Japan Conference), with the title, “Salvation Is to Be Found through Him Alone.”  More than 200 have attended the meeting each night.

<Tokyo Chinese Church>

  The four day meeting in Chinese language was held, starting from September 18 at Tachikawa SDA Church.  Pastor Daniel Jiao, the executive secretary of the China Mission came to Japan as a speaker.  As a result, four new souls were baptized, and other three souls have already decided to be baptized.

Tokyo 13 at the Tokyo Central Church

Tokyo 13 of the Tokyo Chinese Church

Baptism ceremony of the Tokyo 13, PMM Pastor Chanfu Yu is baptising a new convert

Joint prayers have been offered for the success of the Tokyo 13

<Tokyo Korean Church>

Pastor JohngHaeng Kwon conducted the meetings, September 20-28, with the title, “You Have a Hope Still.”  A medical ministry group with 26 members came from Korea and Germany.  By their efforts, at least 35 are interested in the church.

<Tokyo 13 by Youth & for Youth>

  The meetings especially for the youth were held on September 7 and 22.  There were more than 100 young people at each meeting.  On September 7, young members themselves spoke.  Their feelings of witnessing Christ were shared, and gave strong impact to those who came that day.  On September 22, Pastor Wilson gave the youth wonderful message.  The meeting was opened to internet live, so it reached not only those who were there, but also those wherever they were.

  In addition to these meetings listed above, there will be more special meetings in Tagalog, one of the major languages in Filippines.  The meetings will be conducted by Pastor Joe Abe Jr.

   In November, 2013, there will be “The International Revival Retreat” in Saitama Prefecture.  It will be a kind of the follow up meetings after Tokyo 13.

   Speaking in general, most of baptisms are not done during the meetings, but sometime later in the near future at each local church.  Some reported that Sunday-keeping Christians attended the meetings, and were interest in SDA church.  It is also great that those who have not attended the SDA churches for a long time have come back to the church.  The meetings of Tokyo 13 seem to be good opportunities for the families of the believers too.

   Many of those who attended the meetings have given their address, e-mail address, and phone numbers.  Such personal information will help the local churches to reach out for souls after the Tokyo 13 meetings.  We would like to ask you to pray for the harvest of Tokyo 13.  Thank you very much for your support!