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South American Division Officers Visited Mongolia
October 16, 2013

It is a rare privilege for Mongolia Mission Field (MMF) to be visited by no less than the Administrative Officers of the South American Division (SAD) in the persons of Elders Erton Carlos Kohler, President, Magdiel Pererz Schultz, Executive Secretary and Marlon Souza Lopes, Treasurer. The three attended the International Mission Congress in Jeju then flew to Mongolia to grace the inauguration, and organization of the Amazing Grace SDA Church. 

They also visited the on-going construction of the Yermack SDA Church, and attended the dedication of the The Great Hope book, which 10,000 copies being printed to be distributed on October 19, 2013. The aforementioned projects are financed in part by SAD, which donated to MMF a substantial amount of USD 130,000.

In addition, SAD is also sponsoring five persons from the Mission to go to Brazil to attend SAD’s Pathfinder Camporee on January, 2014, where 35,000 attendees are expected. The said trip will give our local leaders an opportunity to visit our big institutions and churches under the umbrella of the South American Division.

SAD leaders decided to invest in Mongolia because they find the place a very challenging field, and with all the enormous blessings that SAD is receiving, it is their gesture to share a portion that will promote the growth of the Church. Mongolia, on the other hand, is blessed to be a recipient of such benevolence, and kudos to Pastor Elbert Kuhn, MMF Director, for his network that brought extra funds to the Mission. Such financial aid is instrumental not only for physical developments, but for soul winning as well, which is our ultimate goal.