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The Need for Music Ministry Finds Korea SDA Orchestra
October 29, 2013

The Korea SDA Orchestra made a start to improve Adventist culture and arts, and to support evangelism. The orchestra held its inaugural meeting at the Korean Union Conference (KUC) auditorium on September 9, 2013. Most of the members are talented contributors who use their God given talents for neighbors, and gospel work.

Many different people from all walks of life, including musicians, empowered the project through taking part in each area of the orchestra. The Korean Union Conference (KUC) also promised to positively support the project by forming a new musical tradition in the Adventist Church.

At the general meeting, articles of association were voted on, and officers were chosen. “The launch of the Korea SDA Orchestra is very meaningful, as it will establish the foundation of praise, and music ministry by discovering quality Adventist musicians,” said Elder JeSeong Ryu, the newly appointed leader of the orchestra.

“It is good to form such an orchestra as it is difficult for graduates in music, or the young who are interested in music, to continue musical activities in the church,” encouraged Dr. HaengCheol Seo, a music professor at Sahmyook University, and the Art Director of the orchestra.

Pastor DaeSung Kim, KUC President also blessed the orchestra in the inauguration worship. “Recently, interest on cultural ministry and evangelism is picking up, and its importance is becoming an issue. I hope the Korea SDA Orchestra will be the center of Adventist music, delivering Biblical messages to many people, and will deeply move them through music.