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Korean Advanced Preparatory Academy 1st Graduation Ceremony
July 01, 2014

Korean Advanced Preparatory Academy (KAPA) of the Gyeonggi English Village Yangpyeong Camp held its first graduation ceremony on June 22, 2014,  Eleven graduates received the school’s diploma from the principal, Mr Kirk Haley.

The occasion was graced by the presence of Pr. Bu-Kwon Chun, the CEO/President of SDA Education which is also known as the Seventh-day Adventist Language Institute.  Pr. Chun gave a challenging Keynote Address to those present by drawing from his personal experience when he was a young scholar in choosing his career path.  He challenged the eleven young graduates to make their right choices from now onwards with greater vision and passion.

Dr. Chek-Yat Phoon, Northern Asia-Pacific Division Education Director, presented congratulatory remark to the graduates, challenging them to recognize that this occasion marked the turning point for each one of them—the change from being a boy to being a man; from a being girl to being a woman.  This may also be the time for them to leave their comfortable homes, to test their wingsof independence.

He urged them remember the ABCD experiences of today:  Their accomplishment (A) was achieved because of their Boldness or Bravery (B) in not giving up during the last 3 years when the going got tough.  Yet through it all, their Determination (D) had brought them thus far.  However, they are not to forget the Contribution (C), an important ingredient that has been brought into their lives by the sacrifices of many such as their parents, teachers, the administrators and even their fellow classmates.  The “C” also indicates Christ Jesus, who has brought about the existence of KAPA.  He will always be with them because without Christ, KAPA will not even exist.

Mr. Jong Tae Yoon, Korean Union Conference Education Director, also challenged the graduates to continue to make a success of their lives and return to serve their country, nation and the church after they have completed their tertiary and professional education in the very near future.  He also drew from his personal experiences and spiritual journey.

The most outstanding presentations were the valedictorian’s address given by Miss Grace Hye Lim Lee and the class salutatorian response by Mr. Charles Han HeulJo, in flawless English with wit and substance.  It is no surprise that these 11 graduates have been accepted into many well-known US tertiary institutions such as the University of Michigan, UCLA, Carleton College, Andrews University, Southern Adventist University, Pacific Union College and many others.

Each of these graduates will be assisted by the administration and faculty personally as they make the transition from KAPA to their destination in their life’s journey, linking them to the Adventist Church and Adventist families.

News Article by Dr. Chek Yat Phoon