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Mongolia Mission Children's Camp
July 03, 2014

Summer vacation is here in Mongolia; the blue skies match perfectly with the green on rolling hills and valleys. Children have been coming from all over Mongolia, from the Adventist churches and schools in Ulan Bator to attend the fourth annual children’s camp held at the Khandgait Camp Ground owned by the Railway Authorities.

This year, a total of 160 children between the ages of 6 and 16 enrolled for the 5-day program designed by a group of 14 enthusiastic volunteers from the Balestier Seventh-day Adventist Church in Singapore. A group of local Mongolian volunteers helped with translation and crowd control.

The children learned basic values of compassion, obedience and diligence through daily devotionals, Bible stories, crafts and games. Each child belonged to one of three groups identified by colored caps. The facilities at the campsite were clean and adequate.

The highlight of the camp was an affirmation ceremony held on Wednesday, where children responded to an appeal to make Jesus their forever Friend. Those who came to the front to be affirmed will be followed up by Bible studies.  The children have grown through the years; many of them were at the very first children’s camp conducted in 2011. It is now time to secure their commitment to Jesus Christ.

The numbers have quadrupled from the very first camp that attracted 40 children. We believe that this camp is an effective outreach to acquaint children from non-Adventist homes with the love of Jesus. We thank the leadership at Mongolia Mission whose Children’s Ministries Director, MsPurevdulam, worked hard to organize the camp. What a great investment this represents for the church in Mongolia; the returns in terms of souls will surely be great!

By Sally Lam-Phoon