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Pathfinders and Adventurers in Mongolia Launch a New Season
December 08, 2016

The Pathfinders and Adventurers in Mongolia Mission (MM) officially began their 2016-2017 season with special events on October 2 and 9, 2016. On October 2, more than a hundred Pathfinders and leaders from many parts of the country gathered together. Various activities and games awaited the Pathfinders. Through the activities, they learned Pathfinder skills, met and socialized with other young people, and exchanged ideas with one another.

At the Pathfinder gathering, the MM Pathfinder leaders presented the Pathfinder uniform guide, including the colors and emblems. One of the goals for this new season is to standardize MM Pathfinder uniforms and activities. We hope that the Pathfinders will have a clearly unified identity and values and will represent them to the world.

A new challenge was launched for the Pathfinders. From this season, each Pathfinder club will be scored based on assigned Pathfinder activities for the next eight months. At the end of the period, the team that scores the highest will receive the award. It is expected that this challenge will motivate club members to develop their skills as well as to grow their faith in God.

On October 9, the first and only Adventurer club in Mongolia launched its new season. The club has 22 members, and some of them are children of Buddhist or Shamanist families. The ultimate goal is to introduce God to these families through Adventurers. To achieve the goal, MM will work on growing the Adventurer club and establishing more Adventurer clubs throughout the country.

Please pray for the Pathfinders and Adventurers in Mongolia, that they will be a great blessing and will produce much fruit.

Gabriela Assi (Volunteer Missionary and Counselor in Tusgal Adventist School)