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NSD Leadership Training Center Chapel Holds Completion Service
December 12, 2016

After the completion of the chapel, the Leadership Training Center of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) had a dedication service on the Sabbath of October 29, 2016.This training center was established to train and educate leaders from the different countries in the NSD.

In July 2012, NSD purchased land to construct the Leadership Training Center, and after the groundbreaking ceremony on September 1, 2013, construction began on September 24, 2013.The first phase of construction included two three-story dormitory buildings, an employee house, a lecture room and a cafeteria. The second phase of construction included two employee houses and a chapel, which can accommodate about 250 people and has nine prayer rooms on the second floor.

On the day of the completion service, Jairyong Lee, NSD president; Hwang ChunKwang, president of Korean Union Conference; Park KwangSoo, president of Jeju Mission Associate; and many church members came to celebrate the completion.

Pastor Hong KwangEui, director of the NSD Leadership Training Center, gave a welcoming speech. “I give thanks, praise, and glory to our God. Also, I thank the many people who helped in setting up this training center.”

Dr. Jairyong Lee, NSD president stated, “This place will be a place of prayer for many people. This place will be a holy place for many people to meet God and feel the presence of God.”

Pastor Hwang ChunKwang remarked, “I hope that God will make this training center a modern version of the ‘Upper Room of Mark’s Attic’ to be filled with the Holy Spirit. May this center become a place where people come and spread the gospel message until the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

During the chapel completion worship service, a plaque of appreciation was awarded to Cho YongKi, who constructed the training center, and Pastor Kim GeunSoo, who supervised the construction.

The NSD Leadership Training Center was built through the prayers of many people. Deaconess Hahm JongSook, who came to the worship service from Jindo Church, has a first-level disability. Seated in a wheelchair, she gave a touching testimony. She said that as a result of her earnest prayer, she donated her cancer insurance payment, her small house on an island, and about 17,000 USD to build a prayer room for the training center.

The NSD Leadership Training Center was established to train leaders from the NSD territory. The center offers a six-week spiritual training program, which includes lectures on the Cross, the Holy Spirit, Sabbath, Righteousness by Faith, the Sanctuary, Three Angels’ Messages, prayer training, meditation, fasting, the Cross experience, silence, and physical labor. The center also offers a one-week short-term spiritual training program.