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Taiwan Mega City Evangelism
December 14, 2016
No less than 70 souls decided to accept Jesus Christ as their personal through baptism in three different places in Taiwan, last November 26, 2016. This was the result of the annual program of Taiwan Mega City Evangelism. On that Sabbath, three speakers from NSD preached three sermons each, two in the morning and one in the afternoon.

They are Pastor Stanley Ng in Kaohsiung, Pastor Kwon JohngHaeng in Taichung, and Pastor Richard Sabuin in Taipei. This was a Sabbath of harvesting souls after local churches conducted Bible studies for about 3 to 6 months. Praise the Lord!

 Public evangelistic meeting will be more successful if it is supported by a good groundwork preparation. Without that, it will be an event of scattering seed only. For this reason, before spending a lot of money in renting building and paying for other expenses, it is our responsibility to make sure that souls have been prepared.

With good preparation, public evangelistic meeting will bear multiple fruits. First, it will be a harvesting event of souls who have been prepared to accept Jesus. Although some could make decision through personal visit and appeal, others may be more encouraged to make decision with the support of many people in public.

 Second, public evangelism is a good opportunity to sow the seeds of the truth to new heart fields. Lastly, it is an opportunity to involve every member of the church to focus on evangelism, working together at the preparation and the evangelistic meeting itself.

 Taiwan Conference has taken the number 777 as its motto and target for 2016 --- 700 prayer warriors to pray for mission and evangelism, 700 Bible studies conducted, and 700 souls baptized. The recent Mega City Evangelism has contributed to the achievement of this target – Richard Sabuin, NSD SSPM, Education Director