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Touched by the love of Jesus: Conversion Story of Kwao Hong Sheng
December 15, 2016

Mister Kwao Hong Sheng was one of those who were baptized on November 26, 2016 as the result of the Taiwan Mega City Evangelism. The story of his conversion began about half a year ago, when he visited his sister in-law in a clinic where the wife of Pastor Ilijah Hwang is working as a nurse.

The situation of his family was known when Mrs. Hwang visited their house. She found out that the sister in-law of Mr. Sheng is living with the family. Her husband and daughter have passed away.

The situation became worse because Mr. Sheng himself has had stroke for three times, and he lost his job. It was during this economic situation and health concern, God found them.

Pastor Hwang contacted an NGO that provides help for Mr. Sheng. The family felt the care and love of the church. They invited Pastor Hwang to give them Bible study. Joy and happiness were expressed on their faces as they sang and prayed together.

Last September, Pastor Liang from Malaysia conducted an evangelistic meeting in Su-Lin church. He visited Mr. Sheng and prayed for him. Miraculously, Mr. Sheng could move and lift his hands, something that he had not been able to do after the third stroke.

He was very happy for this miracle. He decided to give himself to be baptized, he and his wife. Before the baptism, he invited Pastor Hwang and some church elders to remove from his house all idols and ancestral tablets, and replaced them with Bible pictures and verses. One writing the he decided to have is “Christ is the Lord of this house.” – Pastor Ilijah Hwang