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A Feast of Beautiful Praise and Testimony
March 09, 2017
The 13th batch of Golden Angels, the singing missionaries of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), held their annual concert on January 7, 2017, at the Seoul SDA Language Institute in Korea. The church pews were fully occupied, and the hall was filled with beautiful praises and testimonies. The singing missionaries on the stage seemed cheered by the audience.

It was the first time for the Golden Angels to have their own concert since they held their 10th anniversary concert in 2014. For the past two years, the annual concerts have been in conjunction with the dispatch ceremony of Pioneer Mission Movement missionaries.

The concert was presented under the theme “Not the Same.” The eight singing missionaries of the 13th batch performed songs about God, who changed their lives and others with songs and testimonies. All the people in the hall responded, “Amen,” to the songs and testimonies of the missionaries.

“This past year, the Golden Angels 13th batch cultivated the spiritual wilderness through praises and mission work. I hope this concert will give all of you a life-changing experience as the singing mission has changed the lives of the Golden Angels,” said Pastor Kim NakHyung, the Golden Angels coordinator, in his welcoming remarks.

In his message, NSD president Jairyong lee emphasized that “the ultimate goal of the Golden Angels ministry is to save souls.” He also expressed his gratitude to the 13th batch missionaries, who have dedicated a year for God’s work. Then, he appealed to the church members who were attending the concert to try to preach the gospel and save souls under the motto of Total Member Involvement.

Previous members along with the new Golden Angels members were also on stage to give honor to God through praises. The audience members were touched by their faithful and continuous mission spirit. The special guest was a young and talented cellist Yeo YoonSoo, who attends Ilsan English Church. His music also brought heavenly harmonies to the concert.

Praise the Lord for Changing Me

“It is time to reflect on my one year as a missionary. During the concert, I looked back on how I lived as a missionary during this year, how much I thought about souls, and how I will live in the future. I decided to live my life as a missionary who lives for saving souls.” (Kim AhnSic, Golden Angels 13th batch leader)

“During the past year, my missionary colleagues and I sang numerous songs in order to deliver the love of God to people in the NSD territories. I am grateful that I can share those songs with the audience and church members here and share His love with them. I felt blissful when we sang together the song about sharing our heavenly home. My duty as a Golden Angels member is finished, but I will always be a child of God who praises and serves Him, wherever I am, whatever I do.” (Lee YoungEun, member of Golden Angels 13th batch)

“I am sure that what allowed me to do this singing ministry last year was not human power or ability, but our gracious God. I realized that even a familiar song we sing in the mission fields can save a life.” (Hyun Ji Yang, member of Golden Angels 13th and 14th batches)

“I couldn’t hide my tears of joy and smile when I saw all the Golden Angels members united and singing together. Even though we don’t know each other well, it feels as though we are a family praising God.” (Igor Kim, Golden Angels 14th batch leader)

Purpose of the Golden Angels Ministry

While there is much music in this world to please people’s ears and satisfy them temporarily, the NSD founded the Golden Angels, a singing missionary group, and have provided a totally different enjoyment which heals people’s wounded hearts. Their songs have given comfort to lonely people and brought them heavenly peace. It could be said that this ministry is a little light shining in the dark and hopeless places of the world. 

The Golden Angels 13th batch started their ministry with the goal of “leading 100 souls to God.” In 2016, they supported 24 evangelism meetings and weeks of prayer in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia. They also participated in chapels at Adventist schools in 15 regions, held special music concerts in free meal service centers and shelters for the homeless, and visited local churches. They went to wherever they needed to be and did their mission work sometimes from early in the morning until late at night. 

They used all their talents for the ministry as a singing missionary, as a Korean language teacher, as a sister and brother of children and youth they met, as a Bible teacher and as a counselor of souls who need help. Their special and faithful ministry for the past one year harvested 80 precious souls through baptism.

Kim NakHyung, Golden Angels Coordinator