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Golden Angels 14th Batch
March 14, 2017
Igor Kim

To be a member of the Golden Angels has been a longtime dream of mine since I was a university student. I am grateful that God has allowed me to achieve my dream. I am weak and deficient, but that just means I will experience the love of God even more. I will do my best to do the work He assigns to me, and I hope that people will be blessed through our work.

Kwag SeolAh

“I will sing to the Lord my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live” (Psalm 104: 33). I know I am not worthy to be a missionary, but He calls me to here, so I will praise Him all my life keeping these Words in my heart.

Oh HyeJung

I am very happy to be a singing missionary, something I’ve always wanted to be. I am blessed as God has chosen me, weak and humble, for His work. I have decided to be a missionary who is always on her knees. I will serve God, not depending on myself but on His power.

Kim DongJin

I am grateful that God has called me to praise Him even though I am a sinner who can never praise Him all on my own. As Jesus asks us to share the unconditional love we’ve received, I will share the love I have received.

Ding RuoYing 

I was really impressed with the Golden Angels’ praise, service, and dedication. When I spent time with them, I realized that working for God is meaningful and blissful. Although I left my family, my friends, and my work behind, I believe God is and will always be with me.

Richard Otero, Jr.

I hope our praises will inspire people to have the spirit of mission. Through this work, I will bring lost sheep to the feet of God. I believe that music is a strong tool for preaching God’s word and doing His work.

Kim EunSoo

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord” (Psalm 150: 6). There’s nothing more pleasing than praising God. Even though I am young and unqualified, I want to praise God until the day my breath runs dry.

Yang HyunJi

I thank God for using me as a singing missionary to spread the gospel. I have decided to live as a missionary not only in the mission fields, but in my everyday life. Through this ministry, I want to grow more, work harder, and pray more often. Go, Golden Angels!

The Golden Angels 14th batch will begin their first mission work at a Week of Prayer at Hong Kong Adventist College from February 26 to March 4, 2017. They will then support prayer weeks for three middle schools and high schools in Hong Kong and Macao until March 26. On April 4, they are scheduled to visit Sahmyook Health University in Korea. After that, they will support three evangelistic meetings, which will be held at the Xindian Church, the Banqiao Church, and the Dali Church in Taiwan, until May 7. Please pray for the Golden Angels 14th batch and the people they will meet all over the mission fields.