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DNA: More Than a Sabbath School Class
March 14, 2017

 Disciples in Action (DNA) is more than a traditional Sabbath School class. Sabbath School classes usually meet only on Sabbaths with their main activity being the study of the Sabbath School quarterly. Many have renamed the classes as Sabbath School action units, which focus more on mission and evangelism, instead of only studying the Sabbath School lesson together. The action units are normally led by three individuals: the leader, the care leader, and secretary.

DNA is still a small group in size, 8 to 12 members a group. Like the action units, DNAs also have more focus on bringing souls to Christ. However, DNA offers additional aspects to these classes or action units. In addition to winning souls for Christ, DNAs also focus on retaining existing members and reclaiming missing members.

In addition to a leader, a care coordinator, and a secretary, DNAs activate all the members to be in charge of one aspect of ministry and mission. There are many other responsibilities for the members of the group, such as a gathering/meeting coordinator, fellowship coordinator, prayer coordinator, visitation coordinator, interest coordinator, Bible study coordinator, training coordinator, outreach coordinator, retention and reclamation coordinator, etc.

In the spirit of Total Member Involvement (TMI), the DNA model fits the needs of the church. Every church member is a disciple and has something specific to do in the church through his or her own DNA group. When any member of a church that follows the DNA model is asked about his or her role in the church, that member might say, for example, “I am the interest coordinator of DNA #9 of my church.” Another may say: “I am the prayer coordinator of DNA #5 of the church.”

All these ideas about DNA were presented during the Discipleship in Actions Seminar at the Filipino-International Seventh-day Adventist Church in Tai Po, Hong Kong, on the Sabbath afternoon of October 15, 2016, by Pastor Richard Sabuin, Sabbath School and personal ministries (SS/PM) director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division. Although this church has had small groups in its Sabbath School, their main activity had been studying the Sabbath School quarterly, and they had been meeting only on Sabbath mornings.

In response to the appeal to upgrade the Sabbath School classes to DNAs, Pastor Arthur Brondo and the members have launched their DNAs last January 21, 2017. They added another name to their DNAs: Prayer Warrior Groups, emphasizing the power of prayer for evangelism, retention, and reclamation. They believe that their Voice of Prophecy Bible Correspondence School will become even more powerful and successful if it is done with DNAs as the basis.

Dr. Richard Sabuin, NSD Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director