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49th Batch Missionaries Conquer SUPER Training
March 27, 2017

“I am a missionary! The Lord calls me! I can do it!” the missionaries dauntlessly cried out. This powerful chanting brought them to disclose the new “me” as they conquered their fears and weaknesses during the SUPER (Spiritual Unity and Physical Endurance Reinforcement) Training, which took place on the picturesque island of Puerto Galera, Mindoro, from February 20 to 22, 2017.

Spearheaded by Pastor Jeon SukJin, SUPER Training coordinator, the missionaries together with the 1000 Missionary Movement director, associate directors, campus missionaries, and other staff left for Mindoro early in the morning on February 20. After four hours of land travel and almost two hours of ocean trip, the missionaries safely arrived at one of the most visited beaches in Mindoro blessed with favorable weather of a sunny day.

After a short rest, the missionaries immediately began the training. It started off with physical training with different exercises and tasks. Despite the scorching heat of the sun, the missionaries faced the challenges and successfully completed the training. They learned to gain strength from the only source of light, the Almighty Father.

On the second day, the missionaries experienced a breathtaking hike on one of the tall mountains of Mindoro. The trail became tougher than they expected for there was a rain shower during the early part of their hike. As soon as the missionaries reached the peak , all hardships and fears paid off as they gazed at the magnificent landscape of the island of Mindoro, one of God’s amazing creations.

The missionaries achieved a valuable sense of success after many days of extreme physical challenge and refreshing spiritual rejuvenation, success that money cannot afford, the success of learning new perspectives of life, creating new rapport among fellow missionaries, conquering fears and weaknesses, and on top of it all, developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. All these were the harvests of securing and entrusting our precious lives to our powerful Creator and Redeemer. Above all, His mighty hand is the haven of hope for all those who fully trust in Him.