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Officials of West Africa Visit Sahmyook Medical Center in Seoul
April 03, 2017
Fourteen government officials from west African countries, including senators from Liberia, vice-speaker of the National Assembly of Benin, and the chair of Better Future Foundation, which is an association of 15 west African countries, visited Sahmyook Medical Center in Seoul, Korea, on February 5, 2017. This visit was arranged by Stephen J. H. Zargo, one of the senators of Liberia, who is an Adventist.

The visitors were introduced to the brief history and the current status of the medical center and its high-end medical equipment. The visitors and the staff of the medical center had a meeting to discuss medical mission in west Africa. The discussion continued after the dinner reception.

The Sahmyook Medical Center signed a Memorandum of Understanding with senator Zargo for the Center’s humanitarian cooperation with west Africa, including dispatching medical missionary teams and researching the medical tour business with them.