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Global Youth Day 2017 in Hong Kong
May 02, 2017
March 18, 2017, was Global Youth Day, a worldwide event promoted by the General Conference’s youth ministries department. Hong Kong-Macao Conference (HKMC) participated in this global event for the third time.

This year HKMC did something different than they had done in previous years. Instead of planning the event and calling for participation, HKMC allowed individual churches to make their own plans and then coordinated the whole event. Eight local churches and a Pathfinder team responded and went into action.

Two youth teams went to clean up the beaches. Two teams visited 120 lonely senior citizens and took them box meals. Four girls reached out to the homeless. With much courage, they stepped out of their comfort zones and shared Christ’s love with those who sleep on the streets. Some youth went to donate blood. Many did so for the first time.

This year, more people participated, and more were touched. These youth acted in accordance to the theme “Be the Sermon.”